These are possibly the most Strange Addictions ever Encountered

We came across the fact there is countless and distinct type of addictions, but what is addiction – it is a severe dependency of our mind, in particular, it’s a kind of disease in mind.
The person is addicted not to the outcome of a particular action, but the pleasure received in doing that. What if one try to restrain himself, by performing our addiction??, Certainly, it have an effect on our psychological balance and it might also cause some changes in behavior.
Let’s have look on some strange addictions:

This is love at first sight for some

People are so crazy for their love for car, that it seems to be their identity!!! They are in love with the car at the first look, kissing the car, getting married to it, a collection of enormous cars are some of the funny symptoms.
A-Love-Letter-To-Our-Cars.jpg (843×440)

Heard of foodaholic, but this is really strange!!!

Its called pica syndrome where a person is addicted to eat dirt, stones and rocks. Highly strange, but people with this kind of syndrome tends to get their mouth watered while seeing substances like rocks and stones, just can’t resist having it. His mother has to keep this guy away from eating his own house!!
ad_131302043.jpg (1000×667)
“It’s so delicious that I can have it day and night”, is probably what they think looking at the rocks

Is she really a vampire!!!

Recently, some females were in the spotlight, when came into knowledge that they are having a horrific addiction of drinking human and animal blood. The urge is so strong that, in reality, they hunt for blood.
maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)
They probably took ‘’Everyone has their own flavor and taste’’  to whole another level.

It’s not hurting??, NO IT’S TASTY!!!

People have a strange addiction of eating glass, and in that also, they would like to have their menu. A light bulb, wine glass, beer mugs, a tube light are some of the fascinating options for them.
glass-eating.jpg (700×467)
Wow!!!, such a warm and satisfying feeling.

No strings attached relationship with’’ MY INFLATABLE ANIMALS’’

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)
This is one of mystifying addiction of loving and caring for inflatable animals, people consider them as their family and them as their loved once. People having such kind of addiction don’t feel lonely, they hangout, sleep, play, eat and enjoy with them.


In a study it’s found out that people love to get and remain tanned, they especially go to a salon not to remove, but to keep their tanned skin constant, there are many people who want to increase the amount of tanning and do it by sitting hours in excess of sunlight. The majority of people in Spain are found having TANOREXIA.
tumblr_layrju9RxK1qza0ono1_500.jpg (500×376)
OMG!!! It’s heaven on earth
 The line ‘’ALL IS IN THE MIND’’ is apt for any kind of addictions!!