These are some Exceptional Sports which many of us will never ever think of Experiencing.

Sports are a great way to stay fit; it also provides refreshment of the mind. While there are people pursuing sports just for recreational purpose, there are others who take it more seriously to professional level. All sports involve some amount of risk, no doubt, but there are some exceptional sports that are deemed way to dangerous for a normal person to indulge in. Let’s have a look of the 10 most dangerous sports in the world.

1. Bull Riding

 Bull Riding is a kind of sport that involves a rider on a large bull who tries to stay mounted whereas the animal attempts to mow down the rider. It is the riskiest sport & the rider must stay atop the bull for at least 8 full seconds to qualify his ride as per US Tradition. This sport is the favorite of Macho men who feel proud & joy in this game & are ready to take on any pain for attempting it. The Bull weighing around 1800 pounds can crush the rider with its feet leading to serious injuries. Bull Riding has the highest rate of injuries of any rodeo sport & one must not try it just for fun.

2. Lacrosse

Lacrosse, a rough sport is played between two teams using a small rubber ball & a long stick. Lacrosse is a violent sport & main objective of the game is to score by moving the ball into an opponent’s goal. Lacrosse is similar to football & basketball but it is not a commonly played sport as it requires tough & fearless individuals to play it. Players are also permitted to hit the opponents with considerable force which is termed as illegal in other sports. Sometimes players face serious injuries like broken bones, punctured lungs etc while playing Lacrosse. Despite a dangerous sport, lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sport in the United States.

3. Base Jumping

Base Jumping is wing suit flying from world’s tallest buildings or cliff & it is permitted in some places only. Most of us came to know about base jumping from Hollywood action movies. This dangerous sport started in 1978 when a daring man named Carl Boenish wearing normal clothes & a small parachute on his back jumped straight off a cliff. Base Jumping is a too risky sport as even the slightest mistake can lead you lifeless. Moving into detail mistakes like steering in the wrong direction with a strong gust of wind, or pulling out parachute a second late can make you Mr. Late. So, Buddies don’t even think in your dreams to try this in your lifetime.

4. Horse Racing

Horse Racing involves two or more jockeys riding horses over a fixed distance for competition. You will be surprised to know that riding a horse for racing also comes under most dangerous sports category as you have to balance on a 550 kg animal traveling at a speed of up to 70km/h. Horses can be unpredictable & riders face the constant threat of being kicked by a horse without any warning. Major horse racing injuries involve fracture in arms or collarbones whereas head injuries are always serious ones. Besides that most horse races last about two minutes but fans still love it as the excitement to see the winner brings them to the venue.

5. Rugby

Rugby is a tough sport made for played by some of the strongest men on this planet as they have to play in mud despite the sizzling heat, rain etc. Moreover, players run full speed & also tackle each other without wearing any padding. Rugby players risk their life in order to acquire and maintain possession of the ball & frequently suffer from neck, back & head injuries. Most dangerous part of Rugby is Ruck in which players are trapped down at the bottom of a pileup which can lead to death also. Thus, Rugby is considered as the most violent and dangerous sport on Earth.

6. Motorsports

Motorsports is a popular sport in many parts of the world & it involves the racing of automobiles for competition. For motorsports drivers racing usually represents a level of excitement that simply can’t be achieved elsewhere in life. Few common dangers associated with the sport are dehydration, burns, crashing with other drivers and even track boundaries. Temperatures inside race cars can reach to extreme levels which can lead to driver’s dehydration & even burns despite wearing protective padding. The bottom line is that although safety measures of the sport have been improved, driving a racecar at a competitive speed is still a dangerous practice.

7. Baseball

Baseball is a Bat & Ball game played between two teams having nine players. Each team takes turns in batting & fielding, moreover batting team attempts to score runs by hitting a ball. Baseball seems like a slow & safe sport but in reality, it can hurt because the ball is hurled at the speeds over 100 mph. There is no time for the pitcher to react to the ball which is coming straight to his face. The players know that they are playing a dangerous game, but they are not afraid for themselves as they love the game. However, Sports organizations should plan to make the game safer for pitchers & hitters

8. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing involves the risky activity of climbing up & down the highest of natural rocks & mountains. Every step of this activity is risky as the climber can receive different physical injuries like twisted ankles, broken bones or frostbite. Deaths are quite common in mountain climbing as climbers are exposed to various risks due to changing weather conditions & dangerous locations. If you are of adventurous nature, then you must try climbing simple mountains with the help of guides as a happy life is all about mastery of hardships.

9. Big Wave Surfing

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Big wave surfing Maestros are towed into waves rising up to 100 feet high. The sport is included in dangerous sports category as the surfer may be pulled into the water by high-velocity currents, moreover, they are in continuous danger of smashing against hidden underwater rocks. Big wave surfers practice regularly to prepare for the big occasions, the oldest & most prestigious big wave contest is named as Eddie. Every one of us enjoys watching Big Wave Surfing & one can even watch Big Wave Surfing Movies for more fun.

10. Heli-Skiing

Heli-Skiing is downhill skiing accessed by a helicopter & it is practiced in many countries all over the world. Skiers board the helicopter and are dropped on the top of the mountain for downhill skiing. Passionate patrons of this sport visit Alaska each year to enjoy Heli-Skiing but they ignore completely the possibility of getting stuck there by weather change or being killed by a landslide. Some people say that Heli-Skiing is addictive as they want to go back again and again. Keeping aside the dangers & high expense factor, one must try Heli-Skiing once in a lifetime.