These guys produce water from roots. How they do it will leave you stunned.

Rain or shine, spring or winter, you would always need water, no matter where you go. And in the direst of cases, if you happen to go lost in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, you won’t have the fortune of walking into those water bottle stores nearby, because there are none. So, how are you going to survive in a situation as such? Our pygmy mates in the video below will provide you the answer.

Water is a source of life, and the Bushmen people are no exception. It becomes even more imperative for human beings to keep drinking water in the desert to avoid the health hazards of dehydration. And in a place like the Kalahari Desert where the prospects of finding water is the rarest of rare, people who live there have to adapt to the environment in order to survive. Eventually, the desert people have found some amazing ways of procreating water down the years, and learning the trade from these guys would surely save the day for you.

Watch the video here.