These monkeys hold tourists in ransom. How they do it will leave you amazed.

Monkeys have always earned the reputation of being notorious mischief-makers, needless to mention what accomplished thieves these rapscallions are. But an animal that is capable of plotting a devious plan in order to get food is something totally unheard of. Well, these precise monkeys we are talking about today is one such bunch that will prove your pre-notions about the little rascals wrong.


The video you will watch below is clear evidence of the fact that it’s but only some monkeys that can conspire such a bizarre plot to hold victims in ransom. So the next time you are on a trip to the place in the video, make sure to strap your belongings or get looted. These little criminals are after anything handy, from sunglasses to flip-flops, hats to even iPhones! So, what they do with the goodies? Why not watch the video and find out?