These responses of Mumbai Girls about what they notice first in Boys are Simply Stunning

What a girl wants remains the unanswered question across the globe. There are still a good number of things that most women like. But of all the women around the world, Mumbai girls were interviewed and here are a few from the long list, which can help you make her fall head over heels in love with you. (Well, just in case what they want in you is something you can change D’uh!!!)
Take your pick to woo and sweep her off her feet!

1. Strong and muscular

Mumbai Girls like to feel protected and they are always in awe of men who can step up in times of distress.

2. Smell good

This can be very much evident from the fact that market is flooded with ads of deodorant showing women being attracted to men’s perfume. Mumbai girls are attracted towards men that smell good. A bad body odour is strictly a no-no to them. So go ahead, smear that bottle of deo generously on you and see women fall for you!!!!

3. Six pack abs

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Mumbai girls go ga ga over guys with a toned body and definitely makes their head turn to one is who are regular at working out.

4. Good dressing sense

Bad or poorly dressed men is a big turn off to most of the Mumbai girls. A big yes to stylish and well-dressed guys! So the next time you go shopping with her – make sure you shop a bit for yourself too (provided you have more cash left hhahaha)

5. With good sense of humor

As a wise guy once said – ‘be the guy who makes her laugh, because love is short-lived’. Mumbai girls like their guys to have a good sense of humor.

6. Mumbai girls like guys with beard and mustaches

Clean shave looks are outdated boys, and being the ‘MARD’ is in!
Mustaches give a masculine touch to their appearance and Mumbai girls definitely find them quite attractive.
There is a joke doing the rounds that ‘A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s that’s because she changes it more often’. However, some things remain constant like honesty, true love, respect and understanding.Watch out the video to know more!

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