These shocking documentaries will spook the hell out of you. #5 is the most grueling of all.

Tired of those regular horror movies that you once loved to dig? We have something different for you this time to keep the thrill going. A list of some of the most shocking documentaries in history; forget the reel, these real-life stories would definitely make you yearn for more.

The Woman Who Wasn’t There (2012)shocking documentaries 1

This documentary revolves around Tania Head, a New York based woman, who managed to escape from the 78th floor the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attack. She later went on to become one of the founding members of the World Trade Center Survivor’s Network. The documentary narrates Head’s story in a rather compelling way. What’s more intriguing is the fact that none of the things Head claimed to have experienced ever happened. The lies of Alicia Esteve Head aka Tania Head who pretended to be a 9/11 survivor and fooled hundreds of people over the years were only later unraveled during this documentary video.

Capturing the Friedmans (2003)shocking documentaries 2

Long Island woke up to a rude shock one summer morning of 1987 when the well-liked computer teacher Arnold Friedman was arrested for pedophilia. Right after, disturbing stories of children being forced into bizarre $ex games surfaced which eventually turned out to be one of the ugliest cases of child pornography in US legal history. The documentary “Capturing the Friedmans” is the result of private home videos the family had recorded during the trial of Arnold Friedman. David Friedman, son of the accused, produced these tapes to Andrew Jarecki sharing his horrific story of a family dysfunction. The documentary is a disturbing exposé of epistemology that undermines every last confidence in our ability to differentiate a truth from a lie.

Child of Rage (1990)shocking documentaries 3

Who knew that a child as beautiful as Beth Thomas, a darling with round cheeks and big innocent eyes, will have that dark a tale to tell? Thomas, who was a victim of sexual molestation at an early age, was placed in a loving home, along with her brother, after being removed from their childhood abode when she was two years old. The girl, in the documentary “Child of Rage”, details how she often feels a murderous rage towards people who seems to love her the most. The effects of the abuse left a deep scar in her soul, and the documentary relays Thomas’s ways of inflicting pain to her own family, in her own words.

The Cove (2009)shocking documentaries 4

The Cove is an Academy Award winning documentary that brings to light the barbaric dolphin hunts in the coastal village of Taiji, Japan. The documentary, shot by Louie Psihoyos and his crew, unravels the brutality meted out to the dolphins that are killed and captured for profit, within one hard-to-locate cove. The documentary also condemns the dolphin capture industry as a whole.

Interview with a Cannibal (2011)shocking documentaries 5

Fancy meeting a cannibal? The documentary Interview with a Cannibal serves right the purpose! The 2011 documentary narrates the 1981 Paris murder when Japanese-born Issei Sagawa who was studying at the Sorbonne, lured his 25-year-old classmate to death. Renée Hartevelt was a Dutch woman who was raped, dismembered and cannibalized after her death by none other than Sagawa himself. The documentary relays a personal interview with the criminal.