These two Fox Cubs were stranded and left to die! Watch what happened next!

A few days ago, Simon went to the rescue of two very cute fox cubs. The information about these cubs was given out by a couple who had recently moved in to a new area to stay. These cubs were known to be stuck in a dark, murky and risky area where it was dangerous to leave them alone. It had been raining around that point in tie, and the next rain would have meant death for these little fox babies. After reaching the location, the first thing that Simon does is to take a look at the situation of the cubs so as to devise a proper escape plan for them He lovingly greets them and calls them little devils!
Simon wondered how they must have made it in the canal, there in the back of the lady’s garden. He asked the lady if she had seen a mother or any other adult fox in the area, to which the lady refused.
It took Simon a while to understand as to where to release the cubs, since the parent or mother fox was no where to be found. There wasn’t a nearby fox nest either! There was no way to determine where they came from, hence no way to determine where to release the fox cubs either.
The lady had moved in with her fiance at that house last week. Her fiance was the first one to notice these cubs in the canal behind their garden. In the morning, she head the foxes moaning… Worried, she decided to call Simon in order to rescue them from the murky canal.
Simon lowered down a portable ladder and ensured that it was strong enough to support him. He took an animal case and sturdy gloves with him. He gradually approached the fox cubs, picked one of them up and gently dropped him in the cage. Upon witnessing this, the other cub got alarmed and denied getting in to the hands of Simon. He tried to bite Simon and drive him away, sensing a danger. Thanks to his gloves, Simon was not hurt and gently lifted the other cub and put him in the cage as well.
He then carried those two cubs up the ladder, back in the lady’s garden. The lady and Simon were both happy that the cubs had now been rescued, but sadly, they had no place to go.
So Simon assured that he shall take the cubs with him and place them with other cubs he knows. He promised to keep the two cubs in a “5 star accommodation” and that 6 months down the line, he would send a hefty bill to be paid by the house lady.
Here is the video of the entire rescue operation:

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Left alone, these little fox cubs would have drowned in the drain after a heavy rain. The best and, sadly, the only way to save them was to bring them back to the centre to join Simon’s group of other orphaned cubs.
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