These Women Were Dressed In Plus Sized Dresses. Their Reactions Are Astonishing!

Women when go out for shopping have their personal favorite number or size of the apparel they would choose to buy. They always prefer or wish to fit into a smaller size than their original size. It gives them a sense of defeat if they fit into a bigger size, even if it looks perfectly normal on them.

Tiffany Reese, a stylist decided to dress up girls in different sizes of clothes without them knowing about it. She provided with a wealth of knowledge about clothes and provided an insight into our body image history, for every single girl.

She examined who we the girls really were and then she was all set to dress them up.

All of the ladies thought that they had outgrown almost entire of their wardrobe. They though that they would be of size 14, but they dare not step inside a plus-size store before. Even though they knew what would fit them exactly, they didn’t bother buying larger clothes.

Brigid is a mother to two kids and has got a lousy sense of styling herself since she entered motherhood, several years ago.

Tiffany styled her in an XL high gloss shirt of white color. The shirt was teamed up with a high-waisted skirt of size13-15. To tell you, the complete attire really complemented her.


It was now Heidi’s turn to be styled. She was nervous by looking at the racks that were in front of her as she was going to be wearing one of those clothes which she thought were certainly too big for her. She knew about her physique and body weight, but she was struggling hard to come to terms with it.

It didn’t take her long enough to accept the size she wore because she simply looked AMAZING!


She was dressed in an XL sized black top and blue denims. “None of us considered ourselves ‘extra large’ going in to the day, but we all felt great once the clothes were on.”

It was Morgan’s turn now. She used to believe that jeans were only devised just to torture girls. Tiffany could just swiftly change her bent of mind when she styled her in the right pair of denims.

Her attire included, XL jeans, an XL sweater, and an L size tank.

And what comfort did she feel! Did she want to come out of those denims?


The three ladies totally felt themselves and were comfortable in their skin as well as their clothes.

If plus sized stores scare you, then maybe its time for you to change too!

It’s not about what size you wear, it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable and be yourself. So always make your pick according to your body shape, as nobody is going to see the size!

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