20 Things All Pear-Shaped Girls Understand! #11 is a Nightmare for all Girls

Without even starting this article I can say that I understand what it is like to be Pear-shaped. It’s more than a nightmare (if there is anything scarier than a nightmare!). Dresses, of course, are our biggest enemies with this body type but other embarrassments that come along with it are no less like sharing a seat, standing in a crowded bus with your hips taking that extra space, jiggling your way out from the security rods etc. you get the jest.

1. The pear-shaped woman often feels they lack something at the top half which pretty much makes it up in the bottom half.


2. Some of us look like we’ve just hit puberty while the rest of us looks like a Kardashian.

3. It won’t come as a surprise, but both halves of our body don’t match. The top half would always have a different size than the bottom half.

4. This is the only reason finding clothes for Pear-shaped body becomes more of a pain in the arse than a shopping feast. And people say a woman like shopping, there should be terms and conditions somewhere I guess.

5. Jeans is a big NO for a Pear-shaped body. Simple reason, it won’t fit either way. It would get stuck on your thighs or butt.

There are only two ways trying on jeans can go. Either they won't fit over your thighs and arse...

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