He was born without a brain, but what he speaks on his second birthday will leave you speechless!

The birth of a child is the most precious moment for any mother. The moment when she hears her child calling her “Mummy” is an even more special feeling. But what if things take a turn from their normal course? What if the child is born with a deformity?
After a long wait of nine months, reality hit Emma Murray of Lanarkshire, Scotland in a bad way. She was grief-stricken when she gave birth to Aaron, her second child. “With my older son, I had been in no doubt I was pregnant but with Aaron, I had only put on a little weight, I had no sickness or cravings and my periods hadn’t stopped. My mum and dad rushed me to Monklands hospital in the middle of the night, thinking I had an appendicitis,” Emma told to the reporters.
Emma and Aaron
Aaron was born in 2013 with a rare birth defect of holoprosencephaly, a deformity in babies that impedes brain development.The condition can be mild or severe and in most cases, babies affected by the condition die before birth. Yet he proved to be a miraculous baby who did not give in to the disease and is currently two years old. When he was born, everybody could see that his brain size was larger than usual.  His X-ray scans showed that his brain had not grown enough to be “compatible with life”. The doctors told that only brain stem was formed when he was in the womb which helped him breathe and maintain other body functions. The hollow in his head was filled with fluids.
Emma had given up on him as the doctors told her that Aaron would barely survive for 3 minutes or maybe for 3 days, if lucky enough. She was advised to call her relatives to the hospital to see him for the first and the last time. A priest was also called to baptize the child so he could be given a name. But Aaron didn’t not give up and has been successful in defeating the disease.
After two years now, he has managed to say “Mummy” which has makes Emma feel elated. His elder brother has also accepted him as a complete part of the family and takes care of him all the time. Aaron has also managed to clap and laugh over the period. He has proved to be a fighter baby in every sense.
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