This 5 Year Old Suffers From A Rare Form Of Cancer. What His Father Does To Afford His Treatment is AMAZING!!!

To be a father isn’t easy. You have to provide for your family, keep them safe, make sure that you fulfill all their needs and never let them feel alone. It is something that is considered both scary as well as fulfilling. Yet, sadly, it is the most thankless job. Because somehow we always consider that mothers are the ones who make the biggest sacrifices.

The Son

But rest assured that it is a most responsible role. Specially when your 5 year old son is suffering from a rare form of cancer. Hui Hui, who is just 5-years-old, suffers from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which requires a very expensive treatment in China. His father, Dong Dajun has found it very difficult to afford his son’s treatments. He had to quit his factory job to be able to take care of his sick son. So he decided to sell flowers, dressed as a woman.

Hui Hui with his father Dong Dujan

The Father

Dong Dajun, from Shangdong, North East China, found out about his son’s cancer in September when an unnatural growth appeared on the right side of his son’s neck. He had to quit his job to look after his son.

At first, it was the size of a goose’s egg at first and didn’t throw up any symptoms.However, his son soon started having difficulty breathing and was unable to walk properly.The bad news was confirmed when the family arrived in Beijing in October to seek help from doctors.

His wife, who was a farmer also has had to stop tending to the land in order to pay more attention to the kid’s health. It hasn’t been easy. He has had to borrow 140,000 Yuan(approx $21,000) from his friends and relatives to pay for just the first 3 rounds of chemotherapy which has costed 210,000 Yuan(approx $32,000) at Beijing Children’s Hospital. There are 8 more rounds to go.
Desperate times demand for desperate measures. So was the case here. With money hard to come by, Dong decided to sell flowers in the subway terminals to make some extra cash. But this wasn’t easy, because people weren’t interested in buying flowers from him. So he decided to do something to make sure he could get the extra cash for his son. He decided to dress up as a woman.

Dong’s wife helping him get dressed as a woman

So, with the help of his wife, he donned on a different look. He took off his pride, and put on a woman’s dress and a wig. He didn’t care about his own dignity, all that mattered was his son’s health.
The affect that this new attire had was drastic. When dressed as a man he sold 0 flowers on the first day. Now, he sells 300 on his good days.

Apparently, this is one of the trends in China that people have had to follow to be able to sell goods to raise money for the expensive health care facilities in China. In a similar case, a 32 year old man had to dress up as woman to be a able to sell sanitary pads to raise funds for his leukemia stricken child. Dong however has no complaints.

 Dong said: ‘I’m not embarrassed. Some friends have even told me I’m pretty. I’m very proud to do this for my son.’ His efforts have born fruit as the family were told earlier this week that Hui Hui is already seeing improvements. Hui Hui’s mother told reporters of a news channel covering their story, with tears in her eyes: ‘This news is better than celebrating the new year.’

A father’s love, sees no bounds, this is truly and inspiring tale. Click on the video below to check out their story :