This Chinese Man Walks Everyday With A 40kg Rock On His Head. The Reason Is Shocking!

Can you imagine yourself doing something repetitively for 4 long years, especially if it is something monotonous? The answer is plain NO. Even if it is something that you enjoy, you eventually will get bored of it after some point of time if iterated everyday. But a 54-year-old man from Jilin, China, proves us all wrong by doing something which was not only boring, but also weighed heavily on him!


Cong Yan, the Chinese man has been making waves in his hometown. He has become quite popular in his country for carrying a rock on his head for nearly 4 years. Now you would surely be amazed and the question will pop up in your head as to why somebody would do it.

This man has been following an Iron Man-worthy exercise routine and the locals people re getting too curious just to catch a glimpse of him. Everyday he walks with a 40 kg rock balanced on his head.


Here is what CCTV News has to say, “it’s a common sight for locals to see Cong Yan walking on the streets with the heavy burden. He told reporters that he’s been training this way for the past four years.”

Cong decided to adopt the routine as he was irked by his increasing waistline when he hit 115kg. He had become quite unhealthy and his weight was inappropriate for his 1.63 metre tall frame.


He said, “At the very beginning, I just wanted to try [the exercise] because I think it’s healthier than taking diet pills. And it worked.”

As he became determined, he chose to swap his old lifestyle for a healthier one. Cong initially began with a 15kg rock and slowly picked up more and finally built up to the current 40kg weight.


He used to walk 1.5km each day in the very beginning. Doing this he managed to lose 30kg. Continuing with the routine, now he is able to 3km. Moreover, he has even added running laps and boxing to his exercise routine. He has been successfully doing all this with the rock balanced on his head.

Now he hopes that he makes it to the Guinness World of Records someday. We wish him all the luck for it.

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