This Couple Filed for Divorce right after their Honeymoon… The reason why will astonish all Girls!!

“But Why”, her lawyer asked. Sheena looked upset, and depressed with no substantial reason but only the fact that Hemant wanted a divorce.
It had been 5 years since they were dating. They met in an Inter – college Festival Trip to Indonesia. They were both competitors and in attempts to win the competition, they lost their heart to each other and fell in love. Their feelings were deeply associated with Indonesia so they planned to go there for their Honeymoon, the very next day after they got married.
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Hemant always knew that Sheena was very attached to her mother, but what he did not expect is for her to call her mother every few hours on their honeymoon. Sometimes, her mother would call in the middle of the night and tell Sheena that she was being missed. This would often put Sheena off and she would then cry for hours, for after Sheena getting married, there was no one with her mother to look after her.
In a way she kept feeling guilty, without realizing that Hemant had started feeling bad with her constant mood offs and her mother’s interference in their Honeymoon. Sheena ended up sharing each and every detail with her mother, and her mother would keep instructing her on things to do and things to be careful of. Hemant understood the problem and empathized with Sheena. He was tolerant on more than one occasion but he could not tolerate the interference. He felt that Sheena’s mother thought that Hemant was not worthy enough of taking care of her on his own.
Sheena on the other hand had been severely disappointed with Hemant’s habits. Although she loved to keep the room neat and clean, Hemant would toss his wet towel on the Hotel bed. He would order a lot more food than required and throw left overs in the dustbin. He would toss wrappers of packed food items around instead of the dustbin and would not wash his hands timely. Though these seemed very small habits that could be changed, the tension between the couple was quite visible, leading to a huge fight.

Couple fighting
Couple fighting

They realized that they had married the wrong people. Spending a few hours on a date in a restaurant were way different than dealing with a person through out the day! Though these habits were too menial, but in totality they ended up affecting the relationship. There was too  much of tension built up between them and by the entire week of their Honeymoon ended, they wanted to rush back home and move away from each other.
As soon as they got back, Hemant and Sheena filed for divorce. Though that’s a very sad ending to a beautiful love story, we need to know that making a hasty decision in major life changing matters like a marriage, one needs to carefully understand the other’s preferences and habits before they go ahead with the marriage.
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