Molly Takes a Chance on Earless Senior Cat While Others Ignored Him

woman combing British cat on white background

Animals are known to be the best companions for human beings, not because of their fluffiness or cuteness but because of the comfort one feels in his heart when he comes close to the creature. Stories where a dog spends days in dismal when his owner leaves the house are common, but expecting such behavior from cats seems to be a bit out-of-the-line. But not with this EARLESS cat.
You probably won’t lay eyes on an earless cat for adoption, or as a matter of fact, any animal who had to go through this painful procedure, especially when you are planning to make the creature, a part of your family. But Molly Lichtenwalner is just not like everyone else. Being a graduate student feeling a need of adopting a furry creature, she had anxiety issues subject to a car accident she endured. In order to cope this, she always wanted to have a snugly lifeform with her all the time. But normal adoptable cats were just not her forte.

Earless Cat: Unusual
The cat sure does look unusual