This easy Hack will remove the ring that is stuck in your Finger

Sometime or the other, most of us have been gripped by panic when a ring gets stuck in one of our fingers and doesn’t come out no matter what technique we try. Even after countless tries when the ring just does not budge, the only scare thought that comes to our mind is that maybe we’ve to get out finger chopped to get the ring out.
If you find yourself stranded in such a situation, many advises would come pouring down at you. Some would suggest that you can smear your finger in cream or apply some butter on it so that the ring slides out. But no matter what you try and how much you tug on your finger, it ends up getting bluer and bluer. Surprisingly, this task isn’t as difficult as it seems. The 2 minute easy solution is definitely going to blow your mind.
A video surfaced online that provides the most effective solution to this age old problem of removing a ring that gets stuck in your finger. In the video a man shows how to remove it with ease by using just a piece of string.
It has crossed over 8,098 likes on Facebook and has received 4,795 shares. It has also got an out-pour of comments from about 278 views who recommended watching the video. Certainly, it looks like you don’t need to think about getting your finger chopped anymore.

The man begins with the nifty trick by using pliers and a string. He fixes one end of the string in the mouth of the pliers and then inserts it underneath the tight ring. When the string is inserted he twists it around the finger towards the apex in a tight spiral motion. The thread forms a tight coil from the base to the center of the finger. Later, he tucks the loose end of the string at the center of the finger under one of the folds to make it secure.

Check Out the VIDEO below to see how he is able to remove the ring.

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