This Is Why You Are Lucky If You Have A Gap Between Your Upper Lip And Nose

Have you ever introspected why you have certain features in a certain shape? If not then you should now. There’s a reason as to why your body parts have a certain shape and structure. Even the slightest scar on your skin is important as it carries a lot of information about your personality. That’s the reason no two people are the same. Similarly, some people may have a gap between their nose and the upper lip, but some may not. Want to know what is the meaning of this groove? Read further to know.
The gap between the upper lip and the nose is called the Philtrum. This groove is formed as in this area, three different parts of the human face get connected. Philtrum plays an important role in commuting moisture from the mouth to the nose. As moisture is passed in this tract, the nose remains moist.
Furthermore, it aids in proper functioning of the sense of smell. As it is known, the nose has a better sense of smelling when it is wet, rather than when it is dry.
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