This Is What Will Happen If You Don't Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode While Flying

If you have ever flown in an airplane, you must be aware of the most obvious instruction given by the air hostess, that is “Put your mobile phones in the airplane mode or switch off all the electronic gadgets.” Not only frequent flyers but also people who have never even seen an airplane must be fully aware of this instruction.
We all abide by it but have no clue as to why we are asked to do so. All we can think of is that not doing so can disrupt the communication of the aircraft with air traffic control (ATC). Resulting which it may lead to a plane crash. But you’ll be surprised to know that is nothing but just an urban myth.
Read out the article to find out the rel reason as to what happens when you don’t put your mobile on Airplane Mode.

1. What is the purpose of putting the phone on Airplane Mode?

When the Airplane Mode is turned on, it disables all the communications protocols on your Android or iPhone or any other phone that you are using. It disables the complete Cellular communication along with GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.


2. How do we know that the Airplane Mode is on?

There is always an option of Airplane Mode in the notification panel of your phone. You will often see this button highlight when you turn it on.
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