This Is Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Your Phone Under Your Pillow

Even though we live in an era of smart phones, these phones are not so smart as they emit radiations which can be fatal for one’s health. It is one main reason that people are asked to switch off their phones in the planes. It is extensively dangerous to sleep after placing your cellphone under you pillow. It is a common mistake that people make but these harmful radiations can have a deteriorating effect on a person’s health. CBS, a CBS affiliate out of Dallas, published an article in 2011 that states the extent to which these radiations have a detrimental effect on a human brain.

Why Are These Radiations Harmful?

The director of the Center for Family and Community Health at University of California’s Berkeley’s School of Public Health, Dr. Joel Moskowitz, strongly inhibits children from sleeping with their phones under their pillows. He further advocates that even carrying them in the pockets of your pants or jeans can exposure you to a lot of radiations which can have a serious effect on your reproductive systems.
Many articles published by scholars confirmed that radiations and light from the mobile phones can lead to sleep disruptions. You should not keep the phone under your pillow as a simple beep of text or a call can wake you up. This way even though you surely would not miss out on any important message, but will disrupt your sleep!
Recent articles posted stated that an experience a girl had. A 13 year old girl, Arel Tolfree had kept her mobile under her pillow and dozed off. Her phone caught fire but fortunately, she was not harmed in the incident. Isn’t it quite obvious that we should give up this practice and save ourselves from any further damage to our body?

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Harmed By The Radiations OF The Cellphones


  1. Using hands-free with a Bluetooth or headset can reduce SAR levels. You should always remove them when you do not need them.
  2. Always look for a mobile phone with low SAR levels, whenever you go to buy a new cell phone. Low SAR level suggests lower radiation levels.

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