This little girl asked her mommy a question that would have all of you in splits.

Sooner or later, every kid gets to learn about how babies are born, but this little girl out here got the most shocking realization of her life one day when her pregnant mother brought her along for a check-up. Her mom had an ultrasound appointment, and she decided to take her little daughter along with her just so she could find out in advance if she was going to have a baby brother or baby sister. The confused little one couldn’t seem to be able to make heads or tails of the entire ordeal; what made the situation worst for her was knowing what her mother did to her little baby brother… I don’t have words at this point.

The little girl seemed quite bored and irate as she couldn’t comprehend what the doctor was doing to her mom. On realizing her situation, her mother tried to explain it to her that they were actually taking pictures of the baby inside her belly. I don’t know what the little one expected to happen, but as soon as her mom made thing clear to her she had something really critical to say about her mom’s eating habits. This is so funny; so adorable!

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