This Little Girl Mistaking A Bride For Her Favorite Princess On The Streets Of Seattle Will Melt Your Heart!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. They are inundated with imagery of princesses from movies, television shows and more, and thus, being a princess seems like the ultimate goal. You get to wear pretty dresses, have perfect skin, perfect hair and perfect makeup, and you get to wear a tiara! Nothing gets better than that. Honestly though, when you’re very young, you don’t understand what being a princess is and what a complicated job it is to undertake. Probably that’s why seeing a real-life “princess” is all the more incredible.


That might be the reason, one little girl, obsessed with the “princess” on the front cover of one of her mum’s books, was blown away when she saw someone who looked just like her. She was overwhelmed and over the moon.

The book was, “The Woman In White” by Wilkie Collins, a Victorian detective novel and well above this toddler’s reading level, but the lady on the cover makes it her favorite book. One day, when she was out for a walk with her mum (and the book), she saw her very own woman in white.


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