This little girl's knowledge in chemistry will leave you spellbound!

How smart could a little girl be who is barely 3 years old? Now, would you believe me if I were to tell you that a 3-year-old girl who can’t even speak properly knows the periodic table by heart?

Brielle who has just turned 3 can’t read, but she has already found her passion for life. While other girls her age would be playing with their latest Barbie dolls, the cute little Brielle is busy mastering the basics of chemistry. Her knowledge of elements is so profound that it would put a majority of us to shame.

This video from ellentube brings out the best of Brielle— seeing this little angel pronouncing the complicated elements’ names would blow you mind. And if that were not enough, our adorable genius even knows the names of all states and their capitals. When asked about who her favorite President is and why, little Brielle promptly replies that it’s Barrack Obama because he was elected President by the time she was born! Now, that’s something.

“My little brain just remembers”, claims the sweetest little Brielle when Ellen asks how she remembers all that stuff.

Watch the video below if you can afford to get your heart stolen by this cute little genius.