This little magician will blow you off your senses. Must Watch!

I have always been fond of kids, despite the fact that I don’t have any of my own. Never has I seen anything as innocent as a child; the way they can find pleasure in the simplest of things makes me envious of their nature. And when it’s a 3-year-old that pretends to be a magician, things just get all the more adorable. So, rise and shine, ladies. You morning dose of cuteness is just ready to be served.

Meet Zoey, a 3-year-old, who happens to be one of the greatest magician of our time. With the ability to make the red light turn green, or to open a garage door with just her thoughts (if you know what I am pointing to), little Zoey stands out from the rest of us by performing magic tricks impossible for us to accomplish. And just to make things more serious, our little magician just summoned a Humpback Whale from the ocean’s depth with just a wave of her hand. What else could be cooler than this?

The part where her daddy asks “How did you do that?” you should notice the little magician’s reaction. It is just priceless. She seems to know the fact that magicians don’t give out their secrets that easily.

Watch the cuteness below and don’t forget to share.