This Restaurant Owner's Sexist Bar Menu Went Viral In No Time.

Meet Sandeep Verma, the proud owner of Sandy’s Cocktails and Kitchen, an out-of-the-box restaurant located in New Delhi.

sexist 1

So, what about him? Well, there is nothing remarkable about this guy here, except for the fact that he loves big boobs, long legs and anything in skirts. “The More About Sandy”will tell you so. What’s more? Sandeep aka Sandy loves to read porn while christening the pot notes which ladies leave behind.

Here’s a journalist’s photography of his About Me page in the restaurant menu, something many people have taken offense about.

sexist 2

So, by now, you must be wondering as to what’s all the hullabaloo about. Well, there is this guy Sandy who hasn’t found it even a tad embarrassing to publicly announce his love for women’s bosom and slender legs, as well as his bizarre morning fantasy and outrageous social habits.

 A lot of people has showed outrage against his sexist self-description that could be found in all the menu cards stacked in the restaurant. Some have even gone the extra length to demean his actions on Twitter.

sexist 3

But the bad-ass Verma retorts to such allegations with the coolest air you’d get a whiff of; all that he has got to say is

“Some feminist chick just wanted to get her two minutes of fame.”

sexist 4

“If she feels offended then she should have come to me and confronted me about being sexist. I would not have shirked from responding. I am who I am. I am too chilled to be bothered about it because this place is all about me. Good or bad, it is all about my shades,” Verma further adds.

There are even patrons who have got some really nice things to say about the restaurant owner.

sexist 5

Seems like this dude has a long way to go!