This story about a little girl and her "special" kitten will melt your heart!!

“Made for each other” is a cliche that we see a lot in our movies and romantic novels, but seldom do we find such real-life stories that make us truly believe in this phrase. This is a story about Scarlette Tipton, a young cancer survivor, and her kitten, Doc.

new born scarlette
New born Scarlette with a rare form of arm cancer

At the tender age of age of 10 months, Scarlette was diagnosed with a rare form of arm cancer that caused her left arm to grow roughly three times as her right . After 19 surgeries, chemotherapy and other medical treatments, the doctors were able to save her life, but it came at a price. The poor toddler was left with one arm.

Even though Scarlette’s story received a lot of sympathy from around the world, nobody could actually understand what the toddler’s struggles were. Therefore, this Christmas her parents decided to find her a companion that could actually relate to the child’s plight. Enter Doc.

Doc-the Kitten

The “special” kitten

When this kitten was brought to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus she was in a bad shape. The kitten had suffered a severe injury to her leg because she had tried to sleep under a car’s hood just to keep warm! The injury costed her a leg. Scarelette’s parents thought that Holly, which was the name given to the kitten by the people at the animal care facility, could be the perfect companion for Scarlette. When the now 2-year old Scarlette saw the staples to the side of the three-leeged kitten, she touched them and called them “owies”. When explained to her by her mother, that the kitten had owies similar to her, the kid touched her own arm and nodded, acknowledging that she understood that the kitten had similar struggles.They decided to name her ‘Doc’, Scarlette’s favorite cartoon character.
one arm
From Holly to Doc

A bond for the ages!

The friendship between Doc and Scarlette has been natural, for they empathize with each other. They will both help each other to grow and cope with the struggles of their lives — truly made for each other.

Truly made for each other

“My Kitten”

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