This Teen's Hospital Bed Dance After A Successful Heart Transplant Is The Best Thing You Will See Today!

It’s often said that with hope you gain courage, with courage you gave confidence, and with confidence, there are no limits to what you can do. Well, when it comes to life and the second chances we get at it, a person needs all of these to excel. Only a few are courageous enough to turn things around the second time around and the story of Amari Hall is going to prove the same. Read more to know about the inspiring story of this brave teen.

Amari Hall of Maryland was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Facebook/Charawn Hunter

The 16-year-old’s condition was detected at the age of 14 when the defect caught up with him. This defect barred him from doing the only thing he loves the most in his life and that is dancing. He lost all the energy to dance. He had to wait a while for finding a heart and getting the transplant¬†at the University of Maryland Medical Center in May,

After months of waiting, he finally found a heart and was able to get a transplant. 

Facebook/Charawn Hunter

After the successful surgery, there’s nothing more he wanted to do but dance and that’s what he did. He was eager to bust a move, even if that meant doing it with his IV in and still in his hospital gown. His energy and enthusiasm forced everyone in the room to shake a leg as well and that’s how all the doctors and nurses started dancing.

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