This woman caught her husband cheating. Her revenge? It's wickedly awesome!

Marriage is an institution that should be preserved at all cost. While there are people who dishonor it and also manage to get away with it, there are some really unfortunate ones who get to bear the brunt of their misdeeds. This story is about one such unlucky cheating husband whose wife makes him pay for his sins in a really humiliating way.

A Chinese wife, who had given birth to two amazing twins just a year ago, gets suspicious of her husband. The wife’s twin sister has been living with them since the birth of the twins, and the wife gets and inkling that her husband might be having an affair with her sister. So, like every other woman in doubt would, the wife tracks down her husband to a shopping center through a mobile phone tracker application. It didn’t astonish her to see her husband and her sister completely naked in the car. As reflex would have it, the guy and his sister-in-law jumps out of the car without their clothes on, and this is when the wife does the unthinkable. Watch the video to know what Ting Su, the 29-year-old got her revenge.