This Woman Is Banned From Owning Dogs For Her Entire Life Because of Her Inhumane Behavior

Doesn’t your heart ache when you see animals being abused in a cruel manner? Do you gather the courage to save the poor the creature from the torture that he goes through or simply stand in a corner as a spectator? Well, animal cruelty should neither be done nor be tolerated even if it being done by anybody else.
In today’s time, man has become extremely selfish. His greed for power and supremacy makes him forget that other living beings also have an equal right to life. Humans are supposed to be rational beings but often, he forgets that he can co-exist with the rest of the world only if he lives in harmony with them by respecting them. There are some people who think they can ill treat animals as they possess a right over their lives too.
Meet Amber Mittelstrasser! She is a 23 year old girl who hails from Portland, USA. She has been in the headlines of the local paper for the past few days. Did she do something extraordinary at such a tender age that made her gain the limelight? Yes! But nothing for which any of may feel proud about. Read further to know what made the young girl infamous!
Amber has been banned from owning any dogs for the rest of her life. To many this news may seem outlandish or may not even have any sense, but for most of the dog lovers, it would certainly seem as a high order punishment. she has been banned to adopt or keep any dogs due to her inhumane actions. She is a girl who never realized the worth of the mute creatures and practiced abuse on them. She is a sadist who found enjoyment and amusement in torturing the poor canines.
When some of the people in the neighborhood could not bear the torturous time she was giving to her pets, they reported about it to the local police. On investigating the matter, the police got so involved into the case that it was referred to the court. Since the time the case started, Amber has been facing trials.
In one of her trials, Judge Mike Carter from the Sumner County General Court, the Judge who took her case, announced that she should be sentenced to jail for a period of 15 days, along with banning her from keeping any dogs. She was also sentenced to serve a probation period of 11 months and 29 days. As Amber had mistreated her dogs in an extremely brutal manner, the dogs had to undergo surgeries. The surgeries were expensive which is why the court even asked her to bear the veterinary expenses pf $449.
Have a look at the image below which will certainly boil you up with anger.


Image Credit: The Tennessean

On the 19th of August, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Officer Animal Control investigated Amber’s place and found her dogs in a mangy condition. She had a five year old Beagle whom she had named Darcie. Darcie had a collar embedded in her neck to the level that she was bleeding profusely. This was just a trailer of her inhumane deeds as she had treated one of her dogs so badly that it had to be euthanized.
When the Sheriff began with the investigations, amber told them she had forgotten about the collar in Darcie’s neck and did not do anything on purpose. She had another dog, Chevy, who was a gray and white pit bull. Chevy was quite an aggressive dog yet was quite harmless. It suffered grave pains from the torture that the doctors said that it had t be euthanized. Amber tied a heavy log chain around its neck that it was emaciated. The log chain was found at her house. There was no way that Chevy could be revived and had it been living, it would have to live a life full of misery.
Luckily, the dogs say that Darcie will regain health. He has currently been admitted in the local hospital in the area where the staff is taking care of the bullied dog. We would like to extend our prayers for him and all the other animals who are going through animal abuse. We wish them speedy recovery and an end to this practice.
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