Tiny Kitten Thinks The Dog’s Tail Is Her New Toy. The Video Will Surely Amuse You!

Cats and dogs are known to not gel along quite well with each other. They constantly have an unspoken argument about who is a better and a closer animal to the human species. This constant argument of who is better does not only exist between these two creatures, but is quite evident among humans as well. Some are cat lovers, but the rest would advocate that there is no other living species who could be possibly better than a dog. That is pretty much the reason you would rarely witness a cat and a dog living in the same house.
Both these fury animals are less likely to admire the presence of the other when the human is around them. They go green when their human pets the other one and thinks that they are probably less loved. In the absence, they may even scratch the other with their sharp claws. You wouldn’t be shocked to see a cat and a dog fighting, but what can amaze you is both of them befriending each other.
If you let the cat and dog play with each at a tender age, they might as well turn out to be the best of friends. They can turn out to be better friends than the ones of their own species. The cute little puppies or kittens do not have much ability to differentiate between the two species. That is why if they grow up with the other animal, they might as well start believing that they are a family. It is only when they grow up, that they are able to differentiate that the other animal belongs to their species.
This is precisely what happened with this extremely adorable kitten. This couple has a dog and a kitten at their homes as their pets. The kitten is only few months old, while the dog is in few years old. The kitten thinks that the dog is his elder sibling and likes to play with it. The dog having a full realization that it is a cat, doesn’t like the feeling when the kitten clings to it.
The couple places the tiny kitten next to a much bigger dog. They have very beautifully captured the kitten play with the dog, while the canine feeling annoyed about it. They have also posted the video on social media which has gone viral over the internet. The video has received numerous likes and comments from people all over the world. You are surely going to be overwhelmed after watching the reactions of the two animals in the video.
The kitten thinks of the dog’s tail as its new toy and can not help but play with it. It continues cuddling with it by trying to hold it in its arms. While the kitten is being completely playful, the dog wags his tail incessantly. He makes many attempts to get the cat off of his tail but all his efforts go in vain. Even after being slapped by the tail, the kitten does not give up and clings back on to it.
The way the two play with each other amuses the couple and it is certainly going to brighten up your day as well. If you are going through a rough patch in life, this video will lift you up and will make you appreciate the small little joys in life. The tiny creatures give us a lesson of love, harmony and happiness. They also teach us how to live in co-existence with each other without any discrimination by getting rid of the hatred in our hearts.

Watch the VIDEO below to check out how this kitten plays with the dog’s tail.

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