Top 10 Benefits Of Listerine That You Were Never Aware Of

Listerine is one of indispensable household product that we all have and can’t do without a single day. Almost everybody uses this minty fresh liquid to keep their breaths fresh. But do you know that it is much more than just that? Listerine is actually loaded with useful ingredients like eucalyptus, thyme, and alcohol, which make it much more useful than being just a mouthwash. Have a look at the great benefits of it.

1. Acne cream

Listerine works brilliantly on acne and what’s best is that it even makes your face smell good.


2. Hair rinse
Listerine can be used as a perfect dandruff remover. All you need to do is apply some of it into your scalp and massage your hair with it. Wrap your hair in a towel for sometime and then wash it off. Your scalp would get rid of any dandruff.


3. Toilet cleaner
You might be surprised but the properties of Listerine that are used to clean your teeth can be used to work magic on your toilet cleaner as well.


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