10 Wealthiest DJs In The World

Music plays a huge role in every individuals life. People who love music give immense respect to the DJs and music composers. Thus DJs have such a huge fan following all over the world and they are welcomed with a such delight in any country they perform a concert. Off late music festivals and carnivals have achieved great success because the kind of music some DJs have churned out are well liked by the audience. Because of such extensive fan following these DJs have become multi millionaires with the record breaking sales of their albums and the full house concerts performed in various parts of the globe. Here are a few DJs with the amount of money they possess.

1. Hardwell

dj 1
The young 26 year old dutch Dj has made his name big in the progressive and electro-house music. He is extremely liked by people across the globe. His net worth is $17 million.

2. Skrillex

dj 2
Skrillex has made his name into the music market in the last couple of years. His track named “Cinema” was a record breaker.  He is recognized by his glasses and since then he has become a famous DJ in the electronic music industry. His net worth is $28 million.

3. Kaskade

dj 3
The 43 year old DJ belts out superior tracks than most new DJs and has made a place for him in the electrohouse music industry. He averages about 130 shows every year. His net worth is $35 million.
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