Animal Cruelty : Top #12 Emerging Technologies to Fight Wildlife Crime!

The illegal trade of animals for various goods, medicines & entertainment has always been a major threat to the wildlife conservation departments. Nowadays the poachers use more sophisticated & changing techniques to avoid the crime detection. But some technological innovations have been developed now which will fight against all kinds of wildlife crimes.
1. Acoustic traps
Acoustic traps are a sort of anti-poaching patrols which monitor sound waves of gun shots, chain saws, truck engines, airplane engines & blasts. The systems used in acoustic traps are stationed throughout forests. Acoustic systems also include monolithic sensors which record suspicious sounds, images & provide detailed information including culprit’s location via a wireless
2. Mobile Technology
The wildlife trade monitoring network has launched the app named TRAFFIC which encourages the general public to report illegal wildlife activity. Moreover, Vietnam mobile phone providers have taken a great step by sending millions of public awareness messages to say no to rhino horns. In India also, Hejje app is launched that allows rangers to track tiger movements, water levels, forest fires & suspicious human activity.
3. Mikrokopters
Mikrokopters are universal aerial platforms that can identify a position, images, collects data & also calculates distances. Mikrokopters are equipped with GPS, compasses, camera, altitude control & they are programmed to fly specific routes or can be operated manually also.