Underwater Clicks Of Swimmers Diving Into A Freezing 4°C Dunking Pool

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – everyone knows that, but sometimes to get the perfect perspective of beauty, one needs to see from someone else’s eyes – and that’s exactly what photographers and Image Artists do!
Meet Daan Verhoeven, the man behind these awesome, awe striking snaps.
These snaps are as real as can be and are taken of people who are right in the middle of their performance.
By performance we mean a diving championship which was being held in Turku, Finland where the dunking pool was freezing cold at 4 degree Celsius.
Our thoughts just cool down there and then thinking about the cold that freezes everything to standstill but it’s not so for this photographer, Daan Verhoeven, who couldn’t resist the temptation to click the people in action and so  … when the competitors were ready to dive into the cold freezing water, Daan was ready there in water to capture all their expressions and reactions.
Daan Verhoeven is a photographer hobbyist and is also an award winning free diver himself which reflects in his passion and work since most of his work comprises of pictures of sportsman in the middle of their sports in action. He loves capturing their reaction, expressions and body language. And what will amaze you further that he does not make a profession out of it, but it’s just his hobby!!
Says Daan, “I wanted to capture the shock of submerging yourself into the water this cold. And it’s really quite pleasant and good fun. The feeling is shocking if not overwhelmed!!!”
Here are some of the best clicked photos showing some beautiful action by the divers:

1] I made it! I am right at the bottom of the pool and this is my world.


2] Ouchhhh! Seems like somebody threw her in this water pool…. What a marvelous expression!!!


3] The floor is damn comfortable…. Don’t go on my looks!


4]  I am the queen of this space….i can simply fly here.


5] Well he can really sit well on his toes. What say?


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