Unleashing The 8 Unknown Causes Of Bloating That Are Going To Shock You!

Out of all the minor/major health problems we face, bloating is the worst one. Your stomach feels puffy and inflated, and you can’t get your pants to close quite right. Above that, it makes you feel insecure about the weight issues, which surely aren’t fun for any living being. But the thing about bloating is that even the fittest of the lot go through the problem, even the ones with the ripped bods. So, the problem isn’t limited to our diet, it’s much more than that, albeit quite simple. Here are the reasons of our stomach bloating-


1. Gulping your drinks with a straw


This one was a shocker and obviously not known to many. Most people don’t care about the drinks they chug down but whatever you drink and how you drink has a great impact on your body. “One thing I counsel patients on is to avoid using a straw,” says Jennifer Inra, MD, a gastroenterologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “It causes you to swallow extra air. Not only are you getting the liquid you’re drinking, but you’re also getting the air that’s trapped in the upper part of the straw,” she adds. Why that matters: excess air in your gut could fill you up more than what drink alone would.

2. Your choice of drink is bubbly


We all have our go-to drinks but every choice that isn’t made wisely can cost you a lot and same is the case with your drinks. “Anything with carbonation—seltzer, beer, soda, and so on—delivers bubbles right to your gut,” says Inra. (That means more extra air.) And you have to be careful of diet sodas or drinks with artificial sweeteners like aspartame in them. She warns, “They cause bloating in themselves because artificial sweeteners are not digested by your body.”

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