This awesome Valentine's Day prank might get you a valentine this year! Must Watch for singles.

It’s Valentine’s week, people; love is in the air! While the entire world is about to celebrate the lovers’ day with great pomp and show, the same cannot be said for the singles who, I suppose, will hit some corner of the room and sit to sulk. Well, that’s too bad. Too bad a way to spend the day when you deserve to be in the arms of your better-half!

But not anymore! Disturb Reality brings to you an awesome Valentine’s Day prank which might even get you a valentine this year, if only you try a little hard. This amazing prank is one of the best ways to prank both couples and singles on the street; who is in for a good laugh? And just so you know, you might even get lucky and bag your Valentine for an amazing date this 14th!

So, what exactly is the prank? Why not watch the video and find out?