Two of the world's deadliest snakes bite him back to back. What happens next is shocking.

Are you scared of snakes? Do these crawlers give you the goosebumps? Well, in that case this video is going to be your worst nightmare. As if seeing two of the deadliest snakes in the world weren’t scary enough, seeing a guy get bitten by the snakes is definitely going to make you cringe with fear.

Tim Friede, 37, is an amateur scientist from Wisconsin who took it upon himself to develop a human vaccine for snake bites. As weird as it might sound, he actually put his plan to action. And to put his theory to practice, he let himself get bitten by progressively more venomous snakes, which according to him, would help him develop immunity to their toxins.

Like they say everything comes with a price, Tim’s theory not only cost him his marriage but also his life on several occasions. He however didn’t give up, and after 160 bites within a span of 16 years, he has molded himself in such a way that he can now get bites from a black mamba and a taipen, back to back, and still be totally okay.

Is this crazy, or is this crazy?!

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