Want To Avoid Risk Of Diabetes? Eat More Homemade Food!

It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying has changed nowadays in the context of fast food and growing diabetes cases in the world. The newer saying goes something like this ‘the way to a man’s pancreas is through his stomach’. However, if the food is homemade, this saying could be proven wrong to quite an extent.
The vast variety of fast food that is constantly being made available in the market at all time low affordable prices is bringing a gamut of lifestyle-associated diseases in its wake, and sadly so, in youngsters.
Today, we all have got stuck with some or the other kind of disorder which our forefathers say they had never heard before. Putting fast food alone to blame may not be entirely correct because it is we who have chosen it over homemade food.

Fast food has a lot of variety which attracts youngsters towards itself. However, it consists of highly processed food which is detrimental to one’s health

Just for the taste of the king size burger, the finger-licking french fries and so-called healthy subs. people are ready to give up homemade food, which is sad for our generation. Shunning homemade food for attractive-looking (but hollow) food at high prices is not what the need of the hour is.
This fast food is just increasing the girth of your belly and adding to those extra kilos you ‘do not know where they came from’. It is not that we are not aware about the lack of nutritive value of these foods, we choose to overlook it.
Diabetes is not just a disorder in which sugar level in blood is high. It is rather a syndrome of much complex group of issues that are closely intertwined and affect the overall bodily health. Diabetes exerts its ill-effects on almost all organs of the body which makes it a lethal disease. However, most people do not understand the gravity of the disease until they experience it.
The risk factors of type 2 diabetes are many. These include: smoking, high blood pressure, high fat and cholesterol levels in blood, obesity or overweight, and sedentary lifestyle. One must cut down on smoking, regulate blood pressure with lifestyle changes like regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and living a stress-free life

Weight gain, high cholesterol levels, higher blood pressure measurements, increasing belly fat, and innumerable empty calories is what fast food gives us. You would be surprised to know that all these adversely affect your health and put you at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
This is a nutritious food pyramid. The base of the pyramid indicates the things that need to be done in greater amounts as compared to the top of the pyramid. The serving of every type of food is essential in our daily diet for balanced nutrition.

On the other hand, eating a properly balanced homemade nutritive diet not only helps to keep you away from diseases, it makes you less likely to develop diabetes. Your dietary intake plays a pivotal role in maintaining proper bodily function. If the body functions normally, the risk of diabetes reduces significantly.
Diabetes is a disease that will ‘eat through your body’. It is a disease which is no less than getting crippled for life, if not controlled properly with diet, exercise and proper treatment. Treating it is better than regretting later for not being able to control it and succumbing to the multitude of complications it entails.
So if you think that your justification of ‘being caught up at work’ for gulping in that delicious burger instead of a wholesome simple meal is good enough for becoming a diabetic later on in life, you may well have to reset your routine and give time to yourself. Think and Act!
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