Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Heat Strokes And Why Is It Important

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As the temperatures are soaring, we humans take every possible measure to keep our body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, wearing appropriate summer clothing, or even by cranking up the AC. But this is not just limited to us as it is quite important even for our four legged friends. They can’t do much to stay cool so we as humans should share the responsibility to do so and protect them from heat strokes.
“Heat strokes occur when a dog’s body temperature is higher than the mechanisms that regulate temperature in its body can actually handle. This can lead to various bodily inflammations and organ failure.”
According to PetMD, “Canine heat stroke, or hyperthermia, occurs when a dog’s body temperature rises above normal range — which, is generally 106 °F.”


How To Prevent Canines From Heat Stroke?

1. Keep Them Inside On Hot Days

Keep your dog inside the house on hot days, even on humid days. Take let him out intermittently for bathroom breaks and give them easy access to cool breeze of an air conditioner or a fan.


2. Always Give Fresh Water

Always keep it hydrated, irrespective of the temperature outside. Always provide water at room temperature and keep changing it after few hours.


3. Check Your Dog’s Temperature

The body temperature of your canine should not exceed 106 °F. Make an appointment with your veterinarian, if you’re unsure how to take the temperature.


Symptoms Of Canine Heat Stroke

1. Excessive Drooling

Dogs pant and produce saliva to keep themselves cool. If he is panting overzealously then it means that it is overheating.


2. Reddened Gums

Organ failure can result in lost consciousness. ” If he is walking with a wobble or is having trouble staying awake, it is important to act quickly and get him to the vet rather than attempt to cool his body down on your own.”


How To Treat A Canine Heat Stroke

1. Remove It From The Heat

Vets say, “Placing the dog in the shade or in a mildly cool space will help regulate his temperature without shocking him due to the sudden change.”


2: Provide Cool Water

Hydrate them to introduce temperature regulation into his body moderately.
“Let him drink cool water — though not ice cold, as this can also have adverse effects. If the dog is unable to drink water, take him to the vet immediately where he can be properly hydrated.”


3. Grab The Water Hose

“Pouring water over your dog or spraying him with a water hose can also calm his overheated body down. However, always be sure to check the temperature of the water before spraying your pup. It shouldn’t be ice cold, as that may shock his system, and it should never be too warm.”


4. Place Rubbing Alcohol On Their Paws

According to Petwave, placing something cold on his paws, like rubbing alcohol, will help circulate it to the rest of his body. “Just make sure not to use too much, as it can have potentially adverse effects.”


5. Contact A Veterinarian

“If your dog continues to display symptoms of hyperthermia or if you feel ill-equipped to help him cool down, don’t hesitate to take him to the vet to get help. Summer can be a fun time for you and your pup if you stay in tune with his body and always take the weather forecast into account. Keeping your pup cool, happy, and hydrated will make summer a fun and safe time for the both of you.”


source : www.littlethings.com

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