We All Having Been Using These Lights But Never Knew They Could Be This Dangerous

The way a city is lighted up can speak volumes about it. No matter what part of the world you are in, you are bound to fall in love with a particular city if it is lighted up beautifully during the night. Recently, all the countries in the world replaced their CFL bulbs to LED lights. This change was brought because CFL tubes have mercury which poses a threat to the environment.
Even during the Paris Summit, global leaders had met to decide to save the environment from global warming. A decision was made to replace CFL bulbs with LED lights to save the planet for our coming generations. Though, it has been observed that these lights are not that safe in reality. Let us find out the consequences LED lights have.

LED lights are much more efficient than the lights that were used back in the days.


LED lights instantly make the cities appear brighter and clearer. They make the cities look beautiful and picturesque at night.