Archaeological monuments we never knew existed until they were discovered.

The world never fails to surprise us with its Pandora box of mysteries. And one thing which never fails to amaze and entertain us is archaeological discoveries. As a child, we were fancied to read about historical discoveries in books and imagined those places to be filled with mystique and mystery.
While we have evolved technologically, it’s an undeniable fact that still there are numerous mysteries and historical facts which are waiting to get uncovered. Let’s take a trip down the history and have a look at some of the fascinating archaeological discoveries which took the world by storm.
8 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries
Here is a list of 8 incredible discoveries made by the archaeologists around the world.
1) Standing Stones
One of the amazing archaeological discoveries which can easily top the list is the group of 90 monoliths or standing stones buried near Stonehenge near Durrington Walls. Carbon dating reveals that they have been standing there for a hefty 4,500 years! Historians believe that these stones were put up in the 27th Century BC. Most surprising is the fact is how these stones remained intact instead of worsening climate for so many years!
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2) Rosetta Stone
This stone was discovered in 1799 by a French soldier who was travelling across Egypt. The stone is said to bear some evidence to understand the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. Archaeologists later revealed that the Rosetta stone is actually a fragment of a large piece of stone which contained a verdict of king Ptolemy 5 written around 200 BC. The stone bears evidence of three languages- hieroglyphs, Ancient Greek and Demotic Script.
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3) The Grauballe Man
Now this is not exactly mummy because this body was not preserved through different chemicals. It was discovered in 1952 from the village of Grauballe in Denmark. The body has been found incredibly well preserved with the finger and toe nails unharmed. The historians have claimed that this person was sacrificed which is evident from the large wound on his neck and ear, perhaps strangled.
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4) Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica
Another mysterious revelation by archaeology was the Stone spheres discovered in the Diquis delta of Costa Rica. The first discovery was made in 1930 and since then numerous discoveries have been made of different diameters and centimetres. History states that the stone dates from 200 BC to AD 800 and was made by the native people under the Spanish conquest. Although the proper use of the balls is still not known, yet it is assumed that they were used for astronomical purposes.
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5) The Unfinished Obelisk
Another Egyptian discovery is the ancient obelisk which was found in Aswan in the 1990s. It is said that the obelisk was ordered to be created by Queen Hatshepsut but was never finished. It is stated that as the cracks began appearing on the granite bed, the workers abandoned the work. People who visit Egypt keep this obelisk in their itinerary.
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6) Rapa Nui
Perhaps the biggest unsolved mystery is the discovery of Rapa Nui. No one has ever found the answer on how these monumental structures were created since there is no evidence of human settlement in the Chilean Coast located in South Pacific. Although some historian states that they were created by some Polynesian settlers in AD 300. This place has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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7) The Maya Civilisation
With the discovery of Maya civilisation, one fascinating fact cropped up is that they predicted the end of the world in 2012. The remains of the city were found in the south-eastern part of Campeche and were first discovered in 1970. But the exact location of the city is not yet found.
8) Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911 in Peru and it is regarded to bear an evidence of ancient Inca kingdom. It was built around 1450 in the scenic Peru valley guarded by mountains.
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Aren’t these discoveries simply incredible?