11 Wedding Pictures Of Indian Brides With Their Naughty Gang Of Besties

If you are in your twenties and unmarried, then there is one thing that every other person talks to you about, i.e. marriage. It can be about your own marriage, which is the talk of the town, or about your best friend’s marriage, which you are direly waiting for. You are excited for your best friend’s marriage more than anyone else in the world, probably because you have a list of crazy things to do. The spinster party, the flowing of booze, dancing till your heels hurt are just some of the things from that big list! Here are some bubbly yet naughty pictures of the girl gangs on their best friend’s wedding.

#1 A glass of wine is all you need to celebrate.



The spinster party is all the reason you need to drink like a fish. Forget all your worries and let your hair down because it is your bestie’s wedding!

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