Weird Things That ‘Crazy In Love’ Couples Always Do

It is one thing to fall in love and it is another to act crazily when you two, the lovelies who are in love, are together. Falling in love with another person might be an absolute sweetest thing that can happen. However, the weird stuff that couples tend to do when they are ‘crazy in love’ will sure freak out the people around them! Check out some of the stuff that lovebirds do:
#1 Brush teeth together
This habit is definitely one of the things that couples tend to carry out as they are either late for their work, and hence want to be done with the chore asap or maybe it is just a gesture which will show each other how much the other one loves or taking their intimacy to the next level by starting their day with the love of their life.

#2 Call each other nicknames
They may find it very cute and adorable to call each other most funny or creepy nicknames though it will sound weird to the people around them. Nevertheless, in any relationship, the nicknames are to arrive, sooner or later. ‘Nicknames’ are used to show that they know each other well and share a very tender, intimate relationship.

#3 Trying out each other’s clothes
A girl can pull off by putting on her boyfriend/husband’s shirt because it is sexy and a guy can pull it off by wearing his girl’s heels or blouse- it is funny! In both cases it shows some kind of sharing and it feels nice to see someone putting on your stuff and being absolutely comfortable! Singles may do something really fun to pass the time but, yes, ‘couples’ do it in a style.

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