Weirdest Restaurant In Japan

Japan is a great country and everything, but quite a few times, Japanese create something truly eccentric. Japanese seem to have a love for the unconventional. This restaurant is a great example of how Japanese tend to do things out of the ordinary.

“Naked” restaurant:


In japan there is a restaurant where people can eat almost naked.



Eating while wearing next to nothing is allowed; but the customers must have very particular physical attributes.

No overweight people allowed:


The restaurant does not allow overweight people to dine there. They particularly request that people who are 33 lbs overweight, or more, should not even make a reservation.

No ticket refund:


 Even if they buy the tickets and are found to be overweight when they arrive at the restaurant, they will not be allowed to enter and will be asked to leave. And their ticket will not be refunded!

No elders either!


Surprisingly, even people over 60 years of age may find it hard to be allowed in the restaurant.

Only for adults:

The lower age limit is 18 years of age, which means that children are not allowed.


No full nudity:

Full nudity is not allowed in the restaurant. The guests are offered paper underwear to cover their private parts while they are dining.

No tattoos:


People with tattoos cannot dine in the restaurant.

Restaurant name:


The name of this exotic place is “Amrita”. The word is from the Sanskrit language and it means “immortality”.



The tickets range from 90 to 250 pounds, depending on whether the guest just wants to eat or also wants to see a dance show.

Table etiquettes:


Table rules are strict. Guests are not allowed to touch or otherwise disturb other guests. Anyone who is seen as being irritating to other diners will be asked to leave. Also, neither mobile phones nor cameras are not allowed. Guests can bring them to the restaurant but they have to lock them in a box that is placed on the table, so they can’t use them.

Over idea:

The overall idea of the restaurant is to create a peaceful dining experience for people who want to eat without their clothes. The spokesperson describes their restaurant as being of a “Roman aesthetic” nature.