What do these 20 random USA citizens think about India?

Many interesting facts came out when we asked USA Citizens to narrate their opinions about India.

India is a Poor Nation


Most of the Americans have never been to India, so their opinions come from second-hand sources like what they have learned from the International news coverage which tend to focus only on crime, poverty, corruption, natural disasters and crumbling infrastructure. Because of this many Americans perceive India as a poor and underdeveloped nation that struggles to provide even basic amenities to most of its people.

India used to be a British Colony


India used to be a British and Britishers rule over India for many years. Gandhiji starved himself to make the British people leave India. A U.S. citizen has heard this point from his grandfather that Indian women used to throw themselves into funeral pyres after their husband.

The real India is Dirt and chaos


It is the very common perception of US people who have never visited India, that India has not maintained cleanliness and we will have to face dirt and chaos everywhere.  We will be stuck in traffic jams for hours if we visit India.

Indians eat only spicy food


Almost all the non-Indians have this perception that Indian food is too spicy and one can get only spicy food to eat. This is one of the major reason that many US citizens do not want to visit India as they are too scared of Spicy food.

Indians worship plenty of gods


US citizens have this misconception that India is a country of many cultures, so they worship plenty of gods as each culture has its own god.  According to them, every state in India has its own set of god and they worship them on a daily basis.

India is comparably cheap to visit

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U.S. citizen who visited India last year said that India is Dirt cheap. One can survive in India on around 20 U.S. dollars per day. India is the very cheap place to travel as you can travel by train or bus which are the cheapest source of traveling.

Indians speak Hindi


Indians speak different regional languages in different states. But Hindi is the language which is understood in all parts of India as it is their National language and one must learn spoken Hindi before visiting India.

India has a unique culture


One major difference which every American seeks in Indian culture is family relations. Indians are family oriented and respect family values. Indians believe in harmony with nature & they love stability. Most Americans form opinions about Indians based on the ones they know and meet every day.

US women love Indian clothes


On asking them about Indian saree, they said that Indian woman wearing saree and a bindi on her face looks beautiful, decent and even sexy. It is admitted that every American woman loves Indian clothes because of different colors, designs, and patterns.

Bollywood Movies


I and my family love to watch Bollywood and even Tollywood movies. We watch all types of Bollywood movies, the comedies, the dramas, the actions. I also love the Bollywood dance numbers and their dance forms. Bollywood movies can be watched in the USA on Netflix and Amazon.


My all time favorite actor is SRK and I like Deepika Padukone as an actress.

Festival of India, Holi


Holi is a festival where you forcefully need to socialize. Even if you do not want to, you have to act nice in front of all guests. Colors of holi not only damages skin but hair also. I don’t know how one can enjoy the festival by being so dirty. I can’t forget the day when I was attacked by a bunch of kids with colored water balloons and a bucket full of water was poured over me even on denial.

Indian Dance Forms


Indian dance is really girly and high energy dance as I performed a stage show on a famous Bollywood song Rangeelo Maro dholna. I love Indian classical and folk dances as they include the unique steps.The classical dances in India are usually spiritual in content and they have added richness in Indian Culture.

Popular Kingfisher Beer of India


Indian Kingfisher beer has been rated best in the world by USA Citizens. It is also one of the most searched beer brands on google in the U.S.

Indians are more competitive than Americans


Indians are killing us in terms of competition. We should learn many things from them. People of India are settling in many countries and they are more successful than other population. In U.S., 67 percent of Indians have a bachelor degree, whereas only 28 percent of the general population has a Bachelor degree. Average household income of Indians is more than the general population in U. S. Next manufacturing hub will be India, India is an extremely complex nation with a promising future.

Indian Prime Minister Modi


Modi is extremely popular among Indian Americans and US citizens also. He said that Modi will remain popular as he is trying hard to bring investment to India. Modi is so popular because of the substance of his thought and his engaging style.

These are the few things which U.S. people who already visited India, loved in India.

The Himalayas:


Himalayas of India are so beautiful to be visited again & again, said a family of U.S. who stayed in India for around 2 Months. They spent one of the best moments of their life on trekking to Gaumukh, which is a source of Ganga. The family also visited the oldest mountain range Aravali hills which are rich in flora and fauna.

Kindness of Indian People:


US citizens who visited India twice were too impressed with the kindness and smile seen on the faces of Indians. They were poor but seemed to be richer than us due to high dignity. They said India is rich due to the people owned the qualities like Kindness, Hospitality & they know well how to entertain guests.


South India very safe: A US woman who visited India alone feels that South India very safe compared to North India. If interested, ask some locals on their opinions on why that is. According to my personal experience  south Indian people are more reserved and less taken by the idea of anything foreign.

Creativity in Indian Architecture


Many US citizens found India as the most creative place in the World.  On asking, they named the places whose memories are still fresh in their minds. The first name was about the creation of Shah Jahan, Taj Mahal a jewel of India. Taj Mahal is the masterpiece of Architectural style in India. The second name which came forward was of Buddhist caves of Ajanta.  The paintings in these caves look like newly designed ones even after so many years of creation. Each painting has the unique design which can’t be found in any other part of the world.

The Indian Army


It feels proud when US people described the defiant courage of Indian Jawans. They knew the fact that Indian army controls Siachen glacier, the highest battlefield in the world.