What Do These Different Currency Names Mean?

Have you ever wondered why different currencies are named what they are? What do these names mean and from where did they originate? Here is some information about different currencies and what they stand for.

1 – Yen; Japanese Currency


It is derived from a Y shaped Chinese character which stands for “round coin”.

2 – Rupee; Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Indonesian Currency:


The word means “silver” in the Sanskrit language. Quite an expensive name for a currency!

3 – Dinar; Currency of Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Kuwait and a Few Other Nations:


Dinar is derived from the word “Denarius” which is a Latin word. It means a silver coin which was present in ancient Rome.

4 – Crown: Currency Of Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark and Sweden:


Again derived from a Latin word. The word “corona”, in Latin, stands for “crown”, which is the name of the currency.

5 – Ringgit; Malaysian Currency:


Ringgit is derived from a Malay word. It means “jagged”. The currency was so named because their currency, which was in the form of coins, had jagged ends.

6 – Rial: Saudi Currency:


This currency, also used in Yemen and Qatar, comes from Latin word “Regalis.” This word means “royal”. As Saudi Arab has a Royal family, their currency means royal too!

7 – Ruble; Russian Currency:


“Rubit” is the word from which this name is taken. In Russian, Rubit is a verb which stands for cutting s piece of silver.

8 – Zloty; Polish Currency:


Zloty means “golden”. The coins used in Poland were initially golden in color, hence the name.

9 – Pound; Currency Used In England, Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Lebanon:


The word Pound is again taken from a Latin word, “Poundus”. Poundus means “weight”.

10 – Euro; Currency of European Union:


The origin of this name is perhaps the most interesting. A contest was held to decide a name when this currency was being created, and Euro was chosen as the best entry.

11 – Dollar; Currency Of Several Countries, Including America, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Singapore etc.


Dollar is derived from the word “Thaler.” This was a currency that was used in Europe.

12 – Lira; Currency Of Turkey And Syria:


The source of Lira is the Latin word “Libra”. This word means “Pound”.