A Cat's Tail Is His Biggest Tell Tale. Here's All You Need To Know!

They say it is easier to understand women than it is to understand cats. Cats are often unpredictable and inscrutable. It’s next to impossible trying to second guess your kitty’s next move. You might be feeling that he is feeling extra affectionate towards you, but in reality he might be irritated from your actions. Trying to figure out what to do? Well, here is the solution. As it turns out, experts claim, your cat has a tell tale- his tail of course! Here is all you need to know about what a cat’s tail position means!

A Tail Of 2 Kitties!

#1 When It Stands Straight Up!

standing up
A lot of kitties hold their tails in this position. And it is a good sign, so you don’t have to worry. When a cat is feeling confident, comfortable, and content, then this is her give away.

#2 When It Is A Question Mark!

Many of you cat lovers might have seen the end of your cat’s tail curved at the end, looking like a question mark. This is a clear sign of the cat feeling playful and ready for human interaction and communication. This is the best time to play with your kitty.

#3 When It Is Puffy!

A frightened cat has a tendency to puff up her tail up to 3 times the actual size. It is more impressive with breeds that have longer hair. Frightened kitties, along with a puffy tail, have a tendency to arch their backs and extend their ears, a stance that is used to make them appear larger in size against a potential attacker.

#4 When It Is Standing Up And Quivering!

This is a sign your feline is feeling fine and experiencing anticipation, pleasure, or excitement. This is most often seen when he’s caught a mouse, or hears the familiar sound of the can opener humming, meaning dinner’s on the way.
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