What Happens An Hour After You Drink Coke Will Shock You To The Core

A UK based pharmacist has stunned people by releasing a guide which entails how a can of Diet Coke can affect your body, in an hour after consuming the beverage. Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist blogger exposes how the drink affect your increasing waistline and teeth. Ella Allred, a technical nutritionist at NutriCentre also mentions detailed information on how the drink affects your body.


First 10 minutes
The phosphoric acid in the drink tricks your taste buds and attacks the enamel in your teeth. Aspartame, an artificial sweeteners hits your system and may trigger the taste receptors which makes you believe that it only has processed sugar.


As soon as you taste the sweetness of Diet Coke, your body prepares for the sugar load and causes you pancreases releases insulin. The insulin surge decreases the pancreases sensitivity to insulin, putting you at risk of developing diabetes type 2. The insulin triggers your body to store fat around your middle, and increases your risk of developing heart disease,” says Ms Allred.

Over 20 minutes
The fat storage mode is switched on by triggering insulin. Studies from Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study show high risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Ms Allred adds, “Blood insulin saturation is complete. But the problem is, there is no sugar in Diet Coke. But now you have a lot of insulin in your blood stream, pulling all of your blood available blood sugar into your cells leaving you with a massive sugar low. You then need sugar in your blood to maintain equilibrium. The sweet cravings kick in and may find you are reaching for another Diet Coke, which starts the cycle again.”


Over 40 minutes

The combination of aspartame and caffeine creates addiction similar to that of cocaine’s. Release of Excitotoxins may exhaust your brains if consumed regularly as it overstimulates the neuroreceptors.

Ms Allred mentions, “Caffeine saturation of your blood is complete, switching off tiredness receptors. It’s creating pseudo alertness, and pushing our bodies beyond their designed capabilities. The aspartame has reached your brain, where it is a neuro toxin, which in some people may trigger migraines and other neurological problems. Aspartame and caffeine both trigger your brains reward centers, making this combination highly addictive.”

Over 60 minutes and beyond

It can make you thirsty by depleting the nutrients and your body would crave for more.


A can of soda doesn’t quench your thirst as it depletes the nourishment and dehydrates the body. It can also lead to poor concentration, brain fog, fatigue and feeling irritable.

“The dehydrating effect of the Coke is already having an impact on your cells hydration levels. Dehydration has the effect of causing tiredness and drowsiness, which will likely leave you reaching for another caffeine hit. And so the vicious cycle starts again. Each time worsening its effect, causing you to gain weight and pushing your body beyond its design,” said Ms Allred.

Mr Naik also adds, “All diet beverages with similar ingredients to Diet Coke will have the same or similar effects. They are found in to be actually worse.”

He goes on to explain, “Women who drank one 12oz diet fizzy drink had a 33 per cent increased risk of type 2 diabetes and women who drank one 20oz soda had a 66 per cent increase in risk. Women who drank diet fizzy drinks drank twice as much as those who drank regular fizzy drinks sweetened with sugar, because artificial sweeteners can be more addictive, and are up to a 1,000 times sweeter than regular sugar. The average diet fizzy drink consumer drinks three diet drinks a day.”

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