What is your pimple indicating about your health?

Pimples are one of the biggest distressing reasons for any person, specially if they happen to pop up on your face just a day before you have an important event to attend. This inflammation occurs due to accumulation of excess oil which is trapped with dirt in the pores of the skin. Pimples occurring on different areas of our face say a lot about our health and we should not miss out on what they say; as our face is known to be the window to our health. Let us delve deeper into what these acne indicate.

The UPPER FOREHEAD area is directly linked to your large intestines and bladder. Pimples popping up in this area occur mainly due to production of large amount of toxins when the digestive system is unable to break down the food easily.


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  • Drink plenty of water. If possible then you should drink lemon water. It helps clear the bladder by removing excess amount of toxins.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants. For example- berries

The LOWER FOREHEAD area is linked mainly with your mind.  Stress is the main reason that causes pimples in this zone. If your body and spirit feel stressed up, you’re likely to get pimples here. Stress leads to depression at times which again causes breakouts. Sleeping late or having lack of sleep and bad blood circulation in the body is another common reason for pimples in this area.


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  • It is advised to sleep early. Ideal time for going off to sleep is 11 before pm.
  • Rejuvenate yourself. Do anything that helps relax your mind. You can do that by going out for a movie, hang out with friends, go out on a shopping spree or even meditate.

Our NOSE is associated with our heart. A pimple on your nose it just inescapable as it catches everybody’s eye in the first instant they see you. You probably just hate going out when something like this happens to your face.

Stress is again a major reason for breakouts in this region. Irregular blood pressure affects the heart and you may end up having a pimple on your nose.


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  • Unwind yourself by relaxing your senses. Indulge in any activities that helps you get free from stress and have a healthy heart.

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