This is the way our lives will be in year 2050- Its Incredible..!!

Today we are in a race against time & one great day we will reach the year 2050. If we imagine our life in the year 2050, definitely many questions will appear in our mind: What will our cities be like? How will we eat? Will we be able to engineer  our way out of the climate crisis?
This article answers almost all our questions about our life in 2050. In reality, we will see incredible progress in all spheres of the life. To start with we can say that life is going to be very easy for us as a physical movement to accomplish tasks will be minimised.
Now take a deep breath & read on guys as the newly improved world will be an awesome place for us in 2050!
1. Advanced Cures & Vaccines:
We will have more advanced vaccines & cures for many diseases. Moreover, nanoparticles will be injected in our body which will clear blocks in blood vessels, kills cancer & fights various diseases.
2. Perfect children will be born:
Child Mortality rate will be very lower due to proficient health services everywhere. Moreover, Reproductive technology will get more advanced in the next 35 years & scientists are working on genetic engineering to make sick children healthy & this technology will be used later used to get perfect children.
3. Human Brains in Computers:
In the coming years some scientists hope to upload the contents of human brains into computers which will allow people to remain forever inside a robotic body.
4. Spare parts of Organs:
We will get spare parts of all organs including brain from shops & thus we will be able to remain young & happy.
5. No Poor Country:
It is estimated that by 2035, there will be no more poor countries on planet earth.
6. Robots Run Business:
By 2050 freely moving robots will outperform humans both physically & intellectually & will run businesses by themselves.
7. Solar Energy on Top:
We will rely almost exclusively on renewable, clean energy as big Solar grids will provide much of the world’s energy needs.
8. Self-Driving Cars:
Cars will be very safer, smarter & cleaner as major car makers expect to release cars with self-driving Moreover Electric cars will be widespread by 2050 leading to vast benefits for the environment.
9. Men will also do childcare:
Greater gender equality will improve global economy & even society as in 2050 men & women will do an equal share of childcare & housework.
10. Every Adult Educated:
Even today the world knows that the literacy matters & by 2050 most of the adults on this earth will be educated.
11. No Conflict between Countries:
A report from the International Studies Quarterly shows that a number of countries involved in internal armed conflicts will decrease more than 50%.
12. The Internet Everywhere:
By 2050, more than 97 percent of people will go online & the internet will reach every corner of the world.
13. Advanced Translation Tools:
More advanced translation tools will make people speak different languages instantly.
14. People will visit Moon:
By 2050, Exciting travel packages will be available to visit the moon & other planets.
15. Retinal Image Capture Technology:
Major advancement in criminology will help to catch the criminals easily as retinal image capture technology will get the last criminal image captured by the retina of the deceased person.
16. Safe Credit/Debit Cards:
Your cards will also work using eye identification, which means no worries if thieves steal your credit/debit card.
17. More Friendly Teachers:
Laptops will replace student books & teachers will help students to gain more knowledge to match their strengths & interests.
18. Smart Apartments:
Smart apartments will recognize a person’s face & allow easy entry only to the known faces.
19. Cars will fly:
By 2050 we will see friction free flying vehicles which will be known by many of us as ultimate freedom machines. Just imagine your car just starts flying within seconds of a start without facing and traffic jams & lights.
20. International Travel in split seconds:
Last one is most interesting as you will be able to travel from Mumbai to Singapore in split seconds. For that, you have to get into a transmitting machine in Mumbai which will convert your body mass into energy & transmit to Singapore where the energy will again convert back to body mass.
Keep on waiting for 2050 guys as these are just some of the major advancements. Much more advancements are occurring in every field which will change the world beyond our imagination by 2050.