What This Mama Dog Does For Her Children Will AMAZE You!!

It is a well known fact that the love of a mother for her children knows no bounds. And what this mama dog has done for her puppies just proves this point. She didn’t even care for her own life in front of her young ones’. Truly a mother is the image of God!! We have often read about stuff showing how human mothers have shown incredible courage and strength when their children have been in danger. It’s really amazing to see that this bond is also shared by man’s best friend.

Mama Dog To The Rescue 

A heart warming video has been shared on Facebook, showing a mama dog risking her own life to save her drowning puppies. The puppies were trapped inside a house in the flood affected areas of Tel Aviv, Israel.
The video shows 2 soldiers trying to direct this mother dog into a house, from where one can hear the whimpering of her puppies. They try to navigate the dog to enter the house via a puddle that flows from the street beneath the floorboards of the house. She can be seen whining, as she paces the muddy area, trying to figure out her way into the house.
The mother sniffs at the puddle and then looks up at the humans, squealing as her puppies continue to wail. She eventually plunges into the puddle and inside the house to rescue her kids.
Moments later, she returns with a puppy clutched safely between her jaws. Helped out by the soldiers, she struggles her way out from under the floor. She then goes outta the scene, apparently taking her puppy to safety. Even though the video ends here, it can be estimated that the dog made several more trips inside, for the video caption states that the mama dog was able to save 7 out of her 12 puppies. The others, sadly, drowned.
The Facebook post about the video urges users to adopt dogs from the Let The Animals Live animal shelter in Kfar Ruth, near Modi’in.  
It is safe to say that the dog showed unbelievable courage to save her young ones from a sad death. A lot can be learned from our canine buddies. Mother’s around the world have been known to neglect their kids for reasons that will shock you. A report of a mother neglecting her own child to look after her online virtual reality avatar had shocked the world late last year. Lets hope that some of us learn something from this!!
Click on the link below to see the heartwarming video: