What would happen if population of India doubles tomorrow all of a sudden?

Although it sounds exorbitantly bizarre to even think of it, but what if? Now, if you are wondering what this articles is all about, it is the incessantly growing population of India that has caught an outrageous velocity with no signs of hitting the brakes anytime soon. The over the top concern of population explosion in India is soon going to bring down the economy (along with other prospects) of the country in not just one way but many. Ever imagined what if you wake up one fine morning only to realize that the population of the country has nefariously doubled to a whooping 2.5 billion as you slept through the night? Let’s have a look.


7am. The alarm buzzes you out of sleep. You dizzily get off your bed to hit the loo. As the woman of the house prepares for you a hot cup of tea, you hurriedly brush your teeth and grab your copy of the morning daily. Soon after nature calls and you hurry off to the toilet to complete the morning ritual. Not before long you realize something is wrong with the jet spray faucet. It just won’t work. As you try to resort to other means to clean yourself, gradually the fact that the problem is not with your faucet but actually with the water supply dawns on you like a bad pill too bitter to swallow. The morning supply of water has all been used up! (Thank goodness you still have a bucket full of water, which you saved last night, to your rescue.)


9am. You leave for office which is a half an hour’s drive from where you live. The almost empty road, to your utter surprise, is packed today with cars creating a massive traffic jam. There is no alternate route which leaves you no choice but to move with the flow. 3 hours of non-stop honking and braking finally lands you at your office only to realize that all parking space has been taken. Frustration takes the better of you and you end up cursing the day for having been so brutally cruel since morning. Somehow you manage to find a spot to leave your car and finally make it to your cubicle. The boss gives you a lasting lecture on punctuality!


2pm-Lunch time. You have a habit of eating at the cafeteria. An urgent phone call takes a good 15 minutes of your lunch time and you reach the canteen at 2.20. You try to order a “thaali”, but to your utter shock the lad at the counter announces that all the food has been spent and the only available eatables left are the packets of potato chips that were beginning to disappear off the rack with every passing second, as too many people were trying to grab the only food left. You somehow manage to get hold of the last packet of chips; the only eatable left on the entire building. Lucky you!

6pm. You log out from work, somehow manage to bring the car on the road. Another three hours of honking and braking takes you home.

10pm. As you sit to eat dinner, you see on your platter a simple meal of rice and lentils. You eye the woman of the house with heaps of frustration. She maintains a poker face while announcing that the local grocery store ran out of stock. You finish your food quietly, curse the day again, and try to hit the sack.

11:30 pm. The power goes out. It’s summertime and the heat is unbearable making it impossible for you to sleep. More cursing follows until the power is back again by 3am. You try to get some sleep.


Horrified? This is but just one phase of the aftermath of the population explosion. The results could be even more catastrophic when it comes to some other segment of the population. And with the pace the population of India has been on the rise, the day is not far when we will find truth in the situation predicted above. Now, to mend it or to not give a darn about it, choice is yours to make.